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[AP] SISTECH Moves into Global Stage in City-scale 3D-Model Service Sector


Korea’s SISTECH has officially launched its global expansion bid in the City-scale 3D-model service sector.

SISTECH started as a specialized drone manufacturing company for spatial information in 2015. Currently, it is deploying City-scale broadband (100 square kilometers or more) 3D-model services using its self-developed fixed-wing drone K-Mapper.

SISTECH operates fixed-wing drones simultaneously on up to 4 units from one ground control station (GCS) vehicle, creating 3D model data covering a maximum of 24,000 hectares in a single day. Utilizing this data, SISTECH offers services such as local government spatial information data services, urban regeneration simulations, fire safety control services, urban air mobility simulation services, VIP protection services, small stream flood simulation and defense battle simulation services.

Traditional 3D model services use satellite or aircraft imagery, resulting in services with a resolution of 20 cm or more. In contrast, 3D data captured by SISTECH’s fixed-wing drones has a high resolution of 2-3 cm. This allows for the identification of signage on the first floor and the representation of alleys less than 2 meters wide.

Recently, SISTECH conducted a simulation seminar for the utilization of 3D models in the battlefield situation in collaboration with 14 ministries in the field of terrain information implemented by the Korean Ministry of Defense.

Meanwhile, the Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport is promoting various support projects for drone companies in collaboration with the Korea Institute of Aviation Safety Technology to foster the nation’s drone industry. It has operated drone special free zones after designation in 2021. A special approval scheme has been established to allow beyond visual-line-of-sight flights, flights at altitudes of 150 meters or above, and night flights.

Leveraging support from the Korean government, SISTECH has embarked on overseas market expansion. In 2023, the company participated in drone roadshow tours in three countries (Colombia, Saudi Arabia, and the Czech Republic), as well as the Commercial UAV Expo 2023 in Las Vegas and the 2023 World Korean Business Convention in Los Angeles. Through this, the company is working on signing MOUs and conducting PoCs (Proof of Concepts) for the expansion of City-scale 3D-model service businesses with overseas companies, governments, and local authorities.

Park Sung-jin, CEO of SISTECH, said, “We are expanding our business to apply drone-based high-precision 3D-model services not only in Korea but also in overseas private and defense sectors. We plan to conduct PoCs with Google Maps soon to apply our high-precision drone map service to Google as well.”



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